MAN TEARS and Taking Home The Prize

9 Jun

While Derek Fisher’s were a bit premature (the Celtics will win in 7), The Chicago Blackhawks ended a 49 year drought last night and brought home Lord Stanley’s Cup to my place of birth, Chicago Illinois. The tears of joy spilling from the members of the Hawks faces were well earned.  The emotions of announcer and ex-Hawk Jeremy Roenick were proof positive of how meaningful the Cup can be. Love you Roenick… I had your Picture hanging in my room for 18 years, you even signed it “Best Wishes,” I’m there for you if you need a shoulder to cry on. But seriously the fact he remembered the kid crying when the Hawks were swept in ’92…good stuff.  To Greg, Best Wishes, Jeremy Roenick

What a great night to be a Hawks fan, a hockey fan and a sports fan in general. Watching any team in any capacity win the greatest prize is to watch the accumulation of so many components. Training, practice, relationships between team members etc.. As a former athlete, It chills me to watch a team win, and last night was no different. You put so much work into one goal and to achieve it is an amazing feeling.

Take a night like this, that feeling of accomplishment and insert it into your proverbial gym bag. Bring it with you day in and day out when you make that drive to the gym. Training goals whether they be Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Strength Gains, what have you, are not easily accomplished. Take the mind set of an elite athlete like Hawks Cpt. Johnathan Toews, bring along the emotions of Mr. Roenick. Dedicate yourself to your goal, to your workouts, to your nutrition and to the betterment of yourself. The day you look in the mirror and see a new you, the day you set that new PR, the day you receive that first compliment after months of hard work you will hoist your own personal Stanley Cup and maybe even let out a few man tears…it’s ok you earned them.


2 Responses to “MAN TEARS and Taking Home The Prize”

  1. pete katsaros June 18, 2010 at 2:23 pm #

    this was easily one of the best nights of my life. i almost felt what they felt that night. and Roenick is just proof he bleeds red, black, and white. the emotion at the parade between 2 million people was so overwhelming too. i wish you could have been there to experience what really went down in the city that day. fans are still celebrating and sports radio does nothing but talk about it.

    • gregtrainer June 18, 2010 at 2:31 pm #

      That’s awesome. Sports are definitely the lowest common denominator between people, whether your a sports fan or not you gotta love a moment like that.

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