My Life’s Like A Soundtrack…I Roll To The Beat!

9 Jun

Music is a passion of mine. I have been playing guitar (or trying to) and Singing/ Annoying people since I was 14. Which means I should be a lot better at it than I am. I think everyone should take up an instrument. The guitar is a great way to relax and unwind. I find I can often turn around a less than great day by laying down some blues licks and singing a few favorites, mainly those choice 5 – 7 songs I like that also involve a max of 4 to 5 chords. I think I may have even managed to impress a date or two with with Collide by Howie Day. Whatever, my mom says I am really good.

Music has the unique power to calm, motivate and inspire. Therefore I have compiled a list of a few artists I always turn to to energize a workout, cut stress, or play at louder than needed volumes in my car while driving slowly enough for people to wonder what I’m listening to.

What’s Playing In My IPOD at the GYM:

  • Jedi Mind Tricks (“Uncommon Valor” Always Gets Me Going)
  • Lil Wayne – “Drop The World” ( On Repeat )
  • Killswitch Engage
  • B.O.B (I know this Disc is Like “So Hot Right Now” But it’s pretty good)
  • Linkin Park (…they get the job done, just saying)
  • Not Techno

What’s On In The Car:

  • Lucero (One of my all time favorites)
  • 88.9 WERS – If you live around Boston check it out, great music, no commercials
  • Neil Young (An oldie but a goodie and you don’t have to do enough drugs to kill a horse to like him)
  • Mix CD’s – Make them for your car and when they get boring pass them off to a friend!
  • Sting – The music that he’s been making over the years…do I listen to it, no, but the fact that he’s making it…I respect that

What’s Playing On The Computer At Home:

  • – I hear there’s better options now, but I love pandora and it’s getting the job done
  • Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan – Another All time favorite
  • Joe Bonamassa – His Disc Sloe Gin is GREAT, Joe if you’ll play a backyard party for me, I’ll train you for free
  • The Avett Brothers
  • Alternative Country, Punk Country In General

Check out some of these bands and let me know what’s playing at your house! Grip it and Rip It!


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