Stay Hungry. Stay Humble.

11 Jun

Big win for the Celtic’s last night. It was a great game, but one aspect stood out. You probably think I am going to comment on the ferociousness of Glenn Big Baby Davis and Little Nate Robinson, the two were like the modern day Batman and Robin of basketball…sort of. Ok, maybe that’s a stretch. But, I am not here to comment on that!

KG -Great Work Ethic, Solid Character, Sound Discipline and a Winning Attitude

If you watched the game you probably heard Jeff Van Gundy (who looks strikingly similar to that guy in Billy Madison, right? I’ll look for a picture…) comment during the fourth quarter on the attitude of Kevin Garnett. The fourth was dominated by an unlikely cast, four bench players and Ray – Ray Allen. Doc Rivers, the C’s coach, continued to send Garnett, and Pierce for that matter, to check into the game. However as the C’s bench continued to get the job done, Doc pulled them back. Two possible hall of fame NBA stars, during game four of the NBA Finals, listened to their coach and made trips to and from the table multiple times. Did they bitch? No. Did they continue to yell and support their teammates? Yes. Not a word from these guys to their coach, only continued passion and energy for their team. Well done.

I like to take lessons from athletics, especially at a really high level. It’s an arena where you see a lot of key attributes make or break a person; such as work ethic, character, discipline and attitude. To be one of the greats you have to execute, not just during the game but on the sideline and after the stadium is locked up for the night. Can this be related to your training? Heck Yes. To your life as well. If you are going to make lifestyle changes to better your health it’s going to take more than a personal trainer and a healthy grocery list. You’re going to have to work hard daily. At times you’re going to be tested, tempted and discouraged. Your character must remain strong. Your discipline needs to be sound. Adopting a winning attitude, which I define as a willingness to sacrifice in order to succeed, is a must. You’re going to hit highs and experience lows. You will have to react and recover. Remember to keep the end goal in sight, the road is hardly ever straight that leads there, stay hungry and stay humble, through it all. Happy Training!

Got another person who lives up to these qualities, what do you think it takes to succeed? Leave a comment!



2 Responses to “Stay Hungry. Stay Humble.”

  1. Chris Ross June 11, 2010 at 9:49 pm #

    Really good blog man! Can you check out mine? cuz I really wanna your opinion about my thoughts.

    • gregtrainer June 12, 2010 at 10:33 am #

      Thanks Chris! I will be sure to go check it out tonight!

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