Circuit Exercise Selection and Commercial Gym Creativity Part III

14 Jun

Happy Monday! Ya, I went there. For this final part on the Circuit series I’m going to keep it brief outline the Nasty Nine Circuit, give you some pictures to look at and let you get at it!

1. Battling Ropes – With A Reverse Lunge – 45 seconds

( Make this happen in your gym – We were lucky enough to have some old gym class style ropes in the back closet. Check and see what your gym has lying around, after you find some ropes they can be connected to a 45 lb plate with D-Rings which you can find connected to most cable machines, or to the elbow straps for hanging knee raises found at pretty much every gym. Make sure you stack a few extra plates on the original 45 to hold it down!)

2. Squat Jump w/ Overhead Ball Slam – x 15 reps

3. KB Swings x 20 or Burpies x 10

4. Waiter Walks – 40 yds and back

5. Skate Jumps – x 10 (each way)

6. Band Assisted Plyo Push Ups – x 15

(Make this happen at your gym: Take a resistance band with handles and place one end on each side of a standard 45 lb Bar while it is set up in a Cage or Squat Rack and enjoy!)

7. Inverted Rows – x 15

8. Sled Pushes – 20 yards There and Back

(Make this happen at your gym: Take a standard adjustable bench. Set it to a 45 degree angle and stack about 50 or more lbs on the seat and up the back. If the bottom of the bench is metal and flat and the floor is rubber you are good to go!)

9. Jump Rope – x 1 Min

( If you need a picture for this your not ready for the Nasty Nine kiddo)

(10.) Lay down and Stare At Ceiling – no more than 3 minutes! Then Repeat Circuit once more your first week and add a set every week until you reach 4 sets.

There’s the Nasty Nine For Ya! Here are a few more examples of ways to get creative in the gym:

  • Band Assisted Pull – Ups or Chin – Ups: Can’t quite make it up the the bar yet? Getting nowhere with those crappy assistance machines? A healthy diet of band assisted rows and and flex – hang pull ups should get you going! Just attach a resistance band with handles to either side of the bar and loop one knee through the band.
  • Reverse and Lateral Lunge Slides: Your commercial gym is missing a slide board and booties?…You don’t say… I bet you have a sweet studio for step class though and a nicely finished wood floor. Get a towel and put it under your foot and vualah! (how the hell is that spelled?)

  • Barbell Landmines, Standing Chest Presses and Bent Over Rows – Stick a standard barbell into the opening of a 45 lb plate positioned on the floor and you have a lever system to perform landmines, presses and rows…weight can be added at the top of the barbell. Very Nize!

  • Glute-Ham Raise – Link your heels underneath a sturdy structure, such as a hack squat machine or dumbell rack and you can perform GHR’s without a GHR.

Give these a try and let me know how they go! Got any other great ideas to get it done in a commercial gym, let me know in the comments sections. Dare to try the nasty nine? Let me know how it goes or if you have any nasty circuits of your own!


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