Craft Brew Fest Recap – Fit For 50 Update

20 Jun



Alright People so the American Craft Brew Fest was awesome. This morning was a little rough though (see pictures throughout articles…). The event was well run, fun and the crowd was all friendly and polite…to be expected. So I went in with the plan stay away from the brews I could try on my own, I hit all the major breweries and some new ones I had never even heard of. I’m not really a beer snob, so I don’t have much to say on the tones, aromas etc. I am more of a craft beer supporter. I like good beer and that is the extent of my beer IQ. That aside I have tried a lot of different brews and my opinion has gotta be worth something. I decided to pick my top ten brewers and the brews worth finding from them. I stuck to mostly IPA’s, Stouts and Porters – that’s just how I roll. Alright In No particular order of greatness here we go:

  • The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery (NC) – “The Dark Beer Specialist” – Everything I tried here was incredible. If you get the chance to grab some of their beer don’t pass the opportunity up!

This was taken after 3 and a half hours of sampling...can you tell?

  1. Milk – Stout – Delicious, sweet and smooth
  2. The End of Reason – This was a porter / stout / craziness I don’t even know brewed with cherries, WOW. I imagine this would be great for a dessert beer or with a steak
  3. Porter – As good as any porter I have had – Another Awesome Selection
  4. Brown Ale – Kicks your usual brown ale’s ass – Great

These guys were definitely one of my top three brewers there and their “The End Of Reason” was one of the most differently awesome brews I have ever had.

  • Rogue Brewery (OR) – If you enjoy craft beer, you probably have enjoyed a Rogue before. I went in knowing they wouldn’t disappoint and I was blown away.

Rogue - My Top Brewery Of The Event

  1. Double Mocha Porter – I have had a pint or two of this in my day. It’s pretty easy to find and a great beer.
  2. Hazelnut Brown – Find It. Buy It.
  3. John John Juniper – This was incredible. Brewed in gin barrels, my favorite ale of the event.
  • Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project (MA) – Pretty Things was a brewer I was really looking forward to seeing here. I thought their product met my anticipation for sure.

Great Beer - Very Creative Bottling and Presentation

  1. Fieldmouse’s Farewell – A Rustic Golden Ale, enjoyable.
  2. Babayaga – Rustic Stout, Smooth Stout, flavorful.
  • Left Hand Brewing Co. (CO) – Left Hand had my favorite Stout from the event. I’ve had a few beers from them before and they are always pretty damn good.

Their Milk Stout was worth waiting in line twice

  1. Milk Stout – My Favorite Stout of the night. Sweet and Flavorful
  2. 400 Pound Monkey IPA – Gret IPA give it a try!
  • Dog Fish Head Craft Brewery (DE) – Dog Fish is my favorite brewery right now. I went in hoping to try some new things from them as I have mostly delved in their IPA’s (90 minute IPA = my go to brew) and a few of their ales. The line for these guys was insanely long. Here’s a tip wear one of their hats to the event and they will let you skip the line, that’s what I did.

Festina Peche - Filtered Through Fresh Peaches ... Nuff Said. Not so photogenic in these pictures...

  1. Squall IPA – A favorite of mine and if you haven’t tried it…do so
  2. Festina Peche – Amazing. They had the tap filtering through freshly cut peach slices…unforgettable.
  • Clown Shoes Brewery (MA) – My first go at a clown shoe brew (that rhymes). They are something I will definitely look for.

1. Hoppy Feet Black IPA – An India Black Ale, I found it to be excellent.

  • Brooklyn Brewery (NY) – I have had Brooklyn’s Stout offerings in the past and they are delicious. Got a chance to try some of their ales.

  1. Blast! – Double IPA – Strong Taste I liked it.
  2. Buzz Bomb – Braggot – Different but very good.
  • Oskar Blues Brewing (CO) – Awesome beers and their beers come in cans, so they got that going for them too.

  1. Gubna – Imperial IPA – One of my favorite IPA’s from the event.
  2. Old Chub – Scottish Ale – I tasted this before, had it again last night and it was as good as I remembered.
  • Shmaltz Brewing Co. (CA) – Hadn’t tried their stuff before the event, I like it.

  1. Coney Island Human Block Head – Strong Amber Ale – Worth checking Out
  2. He’Brew Bittersweet Lenny’s RIPA – Rye Double IPA – I had never had a Rye IPA I thought it was a different IPA but great none the less.
  • Six Point Craft Ales (NY) – My first go at Six Point, I had heard good things.

  1. Sweet Action – American Blonde / Cream Ale – Refreshingly Wonderful
  2. Bengali Tiger IPA – Solid.

I think Victory Brewing Co. (PA) and Uinta Brewing Co. (UT) Are also worth a look for sure.

All in all the event was awesome I had a great time, all the samples add up quickly and I was feeling pretty good by the end of the night to say the least HA. If you get the chance to attend a craft brew fest / sampling it is worth the cover charge. Make sure you check out The Duck – Rabbit Brewery, Left Hand’s Milk Stout and Continue to enjoy Rogue and Dogfish Head’s offerings!

Ok Folks, Really Quick –  Fit For 50 Update. Sunday is groceries day and I did it again, a whole weeks groceries for 50 bucks! Check out this week’s grocery List:

2.25 lbs of chicken breasts, 1.3lbs ground beef, 5 cans of Chunk White Tuna, 2lbs of Almonds, 1 Jar Of All Natural Peanut Butter w/ Flax Oil, 12 Cage Free Eggs, Carton of Egg Whites, 3 Avocados, 2 Yams, 1 Box Brown Rice, Olive Oil, 2 Packages of Frozen Broccoli and Blackberries, 1 Can Pinto Beans - GET SOME!


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