Thirsty Thursdays!

24 Jun

In many circles, mainly those filled with the 18 – 30 year old demographic, Thursday is the start of the weekend. And so it has been named Thirsty Thursday. In the spirit of such a day I bring to you this:

5 Great Things to put in your cup (After you have consumed your 64 oz Water, at least!):

1. The Old School Good Morning!

  • Ingredients: 2 whole Eggs, 6 oz of Egg Whites, 4 Oz of Fresh Squeezed OJ, 4 oz. Milk, 1 Cup Of Raw Oats, 4 Oz of Water.
  • Instructions: Place ingredients into blender, BLEND!, Pour into Blender Bottle and Enjoy!

If I still have your attention after that…( I swear it’s delicious )

2. Benefiber – This stuff is Great. News Flash you are not getting enough Fiber. You need to get enough Fiber:

Benefiber makes To Go packets that you can add to your water and it tastes great.

3. Green Tea – If you haven’t heard this stuff is good for you, then you need to get out more. Green Tea can:

  • Provide anti-oxidants that help prevent atherosclerosis, specifically coronary artery disease.
  • Help Lower your total Cholesterol and lift levels of HDL (Good Cholesterol).
  • Helps Fight Cancer.
  • Helps control Blood Sugar In the Body – Fighting Type 1 Diabetes.
  • Promotes Liver Health – Helps the harmful effects of toxins in the liver, i.e. alcohol.
  • Promotes Weight Loss – Green Tea has a metabolism boosting effect

Check it out:

4. Rockstar Recovery Lemonade – Probably best not to consume Energy Drinks…but, if you do check this one out. There is no sugar, no carbonation and a total of 160mg of Caffeine in a Can which is less extreme than most which contain just shy of 300mg.

5. Stone Brewery / BrewDog – Bashah – It’s Thirsty Thursday I had to include one Beer!

Got any other Favorite Fluids? Leave a Comment!


2 Responses to “Thirsty Thursdays!”

  1. beto June 26, 2010 at 3:14 pm #

    coffee is america’s #1 source of antioxidants, and i’m addicted to it. especially the iced version in the warm days of summer. at 3 bucks a pop at your local dunk’s it aint worth it. I make my own with instant coffee and its quite tasty and can be made as strong or light as you want.

    • gregtrainer June 28, 2010 at 3:09 pm #

      Right on Beto. Coffee Is clutch. I drink it more when it’s cold out, I love grabbing a coffee on a drive up to the mountain in the winter, especially since we are usually leaving ass early in the morning!

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