This One’s For The Girls

30 Jun

I’ve been posting a lot on big weights and a few things that generally seem to draw attention from the male sex. While all the information, or 98% at least, translates to both sexes, I came across this post on Tony Gentilcore’s Blog. Tony provides a great list of places for women to obtain excellent fitness and nutrition advice from fellow females. I’ve read a lot from the authors / sites he offers up, and the information is great. As a trainer I stay up to date on the latest female trends. Most of them are complete horse excrement. These ladies will help set you straight on how to intelligently achieve your fitness goals. Trainers…you better start reading too, and getting your female clients away from 2.5lb DB Kick Backs.  Check Them Out and be Sure to Read other articles from Tony while you’re there!  (Click Link Below)

Read This, Not That (Crap) – Tony Gentilcore

Saw this the other day, couldn't resist.


One Response to “This One’s For The Girls”

  1. beto June 30, 2010 at 11:25 pm #

    very true. hit the steel ladies!

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