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12 Jul

I am leaving Wednesday Night for Phase 1 of Officer Candidate School. It should be a tough but rewarding experience. I will be gone for two weeks and  I am swamped with stuff to do these next few days due to the the absence. Therefore, I wanted to share some resources with you guys. I could probably make this a really long list. So I had to give some criteria to myself. Instead of sending you in 15 different directions, over the two weeks I am gone – visit this website, start reading this book and and watch this dvd. There are a ton more great places to get info from but these are the sources I have used and taken the most from. I even broke it down into three categories: Women, Men,  Trainers. Check them out and start getting educated. Spending an hour a day with these will probably have you more educated then half the trainers in your gym…I wish I was kidding.

Women: – this site doesn’t get updated anymore and some of the articles are a little hardcore for an everyday woman, but poke around. The nutrition and most of the training articles will help out any woman.

The Female Body Breakthrough or New Rules of Lifting For Women – Either or they are the best books a woman can get their hands on!

Magnificent Mobility – You need a better warm-up

Men: – Go there, start reading.

Starting Strength – Buy This Book, you missed “Form 101” during your education as a lifter.

Magnificent Mobility – Your warm-up also sucks.

Trainers: (This Should be a Longer List) – You need a membership but the content is great.

Science and Practice of Strength Training – I think this is useful for coaches and personal trainers. Just make sure you relate theories to what you do as you’re reading.

Functional Strength Coach 3.0 – Worth every Penny

The Man and Woman Sections apply to you too.

All Of You Should go To for Nutrition Info.

Enjoy and See You All In August!


2 Responses to “Recommended Resources”

  1. Linda Odineca July 14, 2010 at 3:44 pm #

    Good luck, Greg! I’m enjoying your blogs. I’ve currently frozen my BSC membership hence why I haven’t been around.

    Had I known you were leaving for two weeks I would have asked this earlier…
    I met with someone today who urged me to start my own business as well…but I’m a little weary about the whole thing. My plan though is to hopefully get an “interview” with you, another guy named RJ who has started his own personal training business in the NY area and a woman who started a shoe club. I would like to then write about it on my blog, a sort of case study about what unemployment leads to…self employment. There was an article about it in the globe, now that I think of it, and I think it’d be interesting for my readers.

    Would you be up for that? I don’t know what would be the easiest thing for you, I could shoot over some basic questions or send you an e-mail…whatever isn’t a pain.

    God luck in training!


  2. Zach September 2, 2010 at 11:33 pm #

    excellent recommendations. if i were recommending resources, all of the ones that you listed would definitely be at the top of my list

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