5 Ways To Ignite Fat Loss – TODAY!

23 Aug

Fat Loss, Fat Loss, Fat Loss here…Get it while it’s hot!

Everywhere you turn, magazines, internet sites, tv commercials, you’re likely to run into some product or scheme to help you lose fat. From home dvd sets to magic pills the influx of fat loss products is likely becoming overwhelming.

Take a deep breath, scrap the different ploys you’ve succumb to in hopes of that flat stomach. Today’s post presents five simple steps you can take to ignite fat loss and move forward confidently and 100% hoax free.

1. Drink More Water: The benefits of doing so are huge: Increased energy / metabolism and curbed hunger being the two most important.

2. Pay closer attention to your caloric intake – less guessing more knowing: In order to achieve a significant and consistent amount of fat loss you need to eat at a deficit. For general health concerns or maintenance, eye balling portions may be enough. However, if you’re a general newbie to fat loss dieting, you need to measure portions and track calories.

3. Cut the Carbohydrates: The evidence and research is overwhelming. Success leaves clues as they say. High Protein / Fat – Low Carb Diets are optimal for fat loss and not detrimental to your health. Different bodies will respond differently to varying macro nutrient levels. With that in mind begin tapering down your carbs, eventually getting to the point where the only carbohydrates you consume come from vegetables and some fruit. Note: Keep Carbohydrates High in your Post Workout Nutrition, optimally from a pre-formulated source such as Biotest’s Surge Recovery or comparable product.

4. MOVE! – Less TV, Less Facebook Stalking, more moving. Keep a log of your physical activity to include the time you spend in the gym. Shoot for 7 – 9 hours a week of moving. With that in mind if 3 to 4 hours are spent in the gym, you need to be getting out at least 4 to 5 additional hours a week. How? Start adding walks to your daily schedule 30 minutes a day before breakfast adds 3.5 hours right there! Plan one physical outing a week such as hiking, biking, flag football, basketball etc. That, plus your morning walks, gives you your additional 4 – 5 hours.

5. Adopt an Appropriate Workout Plan – Try This On For Size:

When it comes to fat loss you need to commit to the cause. Sorry players, it’s time to settle down for a while. Forget muscle mass, big strength gains, all of it. You’re on a mission to get lean and THAT IS IT. I’ve found a few constants in productive fat loss programming:

  • Full Body Workouts
  • Metabolic Circuits are King

Sure, there are some more biggies when programming for fat loss, but MOST people will get great results keeping those two guidelines at the forefront of what they’re doing in the gym.

With that in mind here is the simplest most effective way I know to get fat loss results – Alternating Weighted / Body Weight Circuits

Here’s an example:

Monday: (Wieghted Full Body Circuit – Bi Lateral) 12 – 15 Reps for 5 Rounds (Rest As Little As Possible)

A1. Dumbell Deadlift

A2. DB Slight Incline Bench Press

A3. Chin Ups – Pull Ups or TRX Low Rows – To Failure

A4. Barbell Front Squats @ 55 – 60% of 1RM

Tuesday: Body Weight Circuit (15 – 20 reps) 5 Rounds (No Rest , 2 -3 Min Between Rounds)

A1. BW Squats

A2. Push Ups

A3. Reverse Crunch

A4. Jumping Jacks

A5. Lunge Jumps

A6. TRX Row

A7. Side Plank 30 sec (side)

A8. Burpies w/ Jump

Thursday: (Weighted Full Body Circuit – Uni lateral) 12 – 15 Reps x 5 Rounds (As Little Rest As Possible)

A1. Reverse Lunges

A2. DB Single Arm Bent Over Rows (Non Supported)

A3. Alternating DB Military Press

A4. DB Single Leg Deadlift

Friday: (BodyWeight Circuit) 15-20 reps x 5 Rounds (No Rest, 2 – 3 Min Between Rounds)

*Can Be The Same As Tuesday or Choose New Exercises – Fit Into This Template:

A1. Lower Body

A2. Upper Body Push

A3. Core Specific

A4. Plyometric – Jump Variations – Explosive – General Ass Kicker

A5. Lower Body – Uni Lateral

A6. Upper Body Pull

A7. Core Specific

A8. Plyometric – Jump Variations – Explosive – General Ass Kicker

Saturday or Sunday:

Plan A Physical Activity,  Duration = At Least One Hour ( i.e. Walking, Hiking, Basketball, Cycling )

Following suite with the idea that you need to be a little better each workout, strive for the maximum rep amount every set and keep a total time of each workout. See if you can bring the total time of each workout down :30 or more seconds each week. When you have cut the total time of your weighted workouts by a considerable amount – 5 to 8 minutes is a good line – change your exercises or add weight. When you have done the same with your body weight circuits change exercises or add a round.

Put down the shake weights, throw out the lean cuisines, give these 5 for fat loss a try!


One Response to “5 Ways To Ignite Fat Loss – TODAY!”

  1. Akane May 26, 2012 at 4:23 pm #

    Felt like crap today with really bad back pains did 380 wegiht 190. Only got 10 reps. As a side i bought some fatgripz in order to mimic an axel. From todays workout I can seen they are good for light wegiht but have no place in a heavy deadlift. As you grip the bar for lifting they rotate putitng the open end of the agaisnt your had which pinches you if you are doing reps. Sam

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