A Few Ways To Spice Up Your ESD

29 Aug

First of all you are probably wondering what in the wild world of sports ESD is. ESD stands for Energy System Development.

Your body has three energy systems:

  • ATP-PC – This energy system is utilized for short bursts lasting a maximum of about 12 seconds. Think a 60 yd dash.
  • Anaerobic – Anything 2 minutes and under is utilizing your anaerobic energy system. Quick, Bang Out 30 push – ups, you’re working anaerobically.
  • Aerobic – This is the energy system utilized in most bouts of “cardio.” Anything lasting over 5 minutes is predominantly aerobic.

These systems generally work in tandem, or parallel to each other, with one being utilized more than the other for a certain activity.

ESD is the term used by a lot of fitness professionals because it accurately describes what you are doing. You are developing your body’s energy systems.  Plus it sounds way more bad ass. I am not about to call a 400m sprint and a 45 minute bout on the Tony Little Gazelle both “cardio.”

With that said, effective ESD is crucial to a complete fitness program. It can aid you in Fat Loss and Strength / Muscle Gains alike.  Let’s look at some ways you can get some workouts in worthy of the title ESD.

1. Sled Pushes – If you don’t have a sled, get some buddies together and push a car or truck. One person steers and brakes, one person pushes, the other lies on the ground catching his breath. Try 100 yds for starters.

2. Sledge Hammering – It ain’t pretty but it’s effective. Start with a wide grip sliding your top hand down to meet your bottom hand with each blow. Make sure to brace your core squeeze them glutes and give it hell. This power move gets the job done. Go 1 min to the right, 1 min to the left,  30 seconds off for 12 minutes.

3. Sprints, Sprints, Sprints! – I love sprints they are my favorite way to get conditioning in. I prefer to do hill sprints, but there are many variations. Here are a few ideas:

  • Find a hill, at least 50 yds and relatively steep – run up it 10 – 15 times (depending on the size of the thing) as fast as you can…walking briskly back down as your rest interval.
  • Go to a football field, stand on the 50 yd line. Sprint to the end zone, then back across the field to the other end zone and back through the 50yd mark. Do that 6 times with 1:30 – 2 min rest intervals.
  • Find a track – Do a 400m sprint…ya, how does that feel? There’s a wake up call for you…try to get up to 4 – 6 in one workout with 2 – 3 min rest intervals

4. Fartlek – This mean “speed play” in Swedish apparently. There are a few ways to play with this training style. I use it like this:

Jog .25 miles

Sprint – 200m

Walk – 200m

Repeat for 20 – 45 minutes

…it’s brutally awesome.

5. Air Dyne Bike Sprints – Air Dyne Bikes are ferocious. Try different sprint patterns on one of these guys. Different times for different abilities, however I find a 1:2 sprint to rest ratio works best try either 1 minute sprints with 2 minutes steady pace pedaling or 2 minute sprints with 5 minute steady pedaling to start. (Brings me back to the days of high school..showing up late to Boyle’s Strength and Conditioning and seriously regretting it.)

Give these a try and spice up your ESD!


One Response to “A Few Ways To Spice Up Your ESD”

  1. Tony Tromboni August 30, 2010 at 4:15 pm #

    Here are some facts about “cardio”:

    I am on my Tony Little Gazelle.
    I am chatting on my cellie.
    Watching Law & Order SVU.
    Eating pretzels.
    JUST KIDDING! I’m throwing the pretzels around. Everything else is true though.

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