Empowering Your Clients and Yourself!

2 Sep

Recently I have to say, my clients are killing it. They’re coming to the gym motivated day in and day out and making steady improvements to their diets. All this is leading to some appreciable results.

Also recently, I was asked how I get my clients to stay compliant even when I only see them once a week, and often times not even one on one.

Take these two steps below to empower your clients and yourself:

1.) Set Goals The Right Way: Every Client I have has a training binder. Week one We set 3 big picture goals and make sub categories off these goals.

That paper stays page 1 in the binder at all times.

By getting my clients to dissect their often broad range goals, such as “lose weight” or “Get Big”, they begin to program themselves. For example:

Judy Sets the Goal – “I want to Lose 1o lbs”

From there she needs to dissect her goals. First give me 3 goals that if you accomplish will aid in your efforts to complete the big picture. So Judy’s Sub Goals Are:

1. Get To The Gym 4x Week

2. Eat More Raw Foods

3. Drink More Water

Take it even one level further:

1. Get To The Gym 4x Week

  • Strength Train twice a week
  • Do Yoga 1x Week
  • Perform Cardio 2 x Week

Now Judy has essentially laid out a plan for herself – From here I can tweak her approach if I feel necessary, but now I am in a great position to…

2) Meet Your Clients Where They’re At: I am not going to keep Judy very compliant if I give her a program that has her in the gym 6 days a week, doing 4 strength training sessions. She has already shown me what her plan is, and that’s far from it. Can I tweak it a little? Of course. But, I am still going to meet her where she is at. Probably along the lines of 2 strength training workouts, one metabolic circuit and one day where she can do yoga and her “cardio.”

The same holds true for nutrition. Judy is skipping breakfast, having pretzels and a yogurt for lunch, and then a frozen dinner and some M&Ms for dessert. I can’t turn her upside down and start having her eat 2 eggs and bacon for breakfast, chicken and salad for lunch, and fish with green beans for dinner. I’ve gotta meet her where she is at. The first step might beĀ  having her eat breakfast.

The point is you need to draw out realistic game plans for your clients, that get them moving in the right direction.

When you are able to find where they’re at and meet them there, you get compliance. From there you can build, and build, and build.


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