Food Prep Strategies For Life On The Go!

27 Sep

I realize everyone is incredibly busy.

I know what it’s like to be in your shoes…I’m a full time student, working 15 – 20 hours a week “in” the gym, going through Officer Candidate School in the National Guard, and I actually spend up to 45min or an hour on each of my clients training binders. Not to mention, for the majority of my clients I am monitoring and reviewing their nutrition journals nightly. I’m not looking for a pat on the back, I’m just saying – I am frickin’ busy!

However, I still find the time to eat right, and I don’t miss workouts.

Bottom line, I don’t let my schedule serve as an excuse.

Below are a few strategies I employ to make it happen:

1) Never cook only enough for the present meal.

– If the recipe calls for 1lb of chicken and a certain amount of ingredients to go with it, I’m making 4 lbs. The rest is going in tupperware and right into the fridge for easy meals the next few days.

2) Always keep emergency options stocked up.

– If the shiz hits the fan and I really can’t get any prep done, I have a healthy amount of good ready to go options at my disposal. These include: Low Sodium canned tuna and salmon, raw almonds and other nuts and seeds, Whey – Frozen Berries – Almond Milk – Ice = Always there for a quick Shake. Cottage Cheese and Greek Yogurt are good choices if a fridge is readily available.

3) Keep a Greens Product Handy.

– Products such as Greens+ and Biotest’s Superfood should be a staple in your cupboard because sometimes you don’t have the time to get your veggies in. 2 little scoops of these guys in water or green tea and I’m set!

4) It’s all about the frozen veggies.

– Frozen vegetables are actually good for you. They are flash frozen at harvesting. I often stick them in my cooler frozen, and use them to keep my other food cold throughout the day. They end up thawing out later in the day and can be consumed.

5) Snack Bags and Tupperware Always Available and Ready to Fill.

– If you don’t have it you can’t separate things ahead of time and make snacks and meals for the upcoming weeks. Just having the containers is the first step – then you need to fill them. Don’t leave 2lb bags of Almonds around, portion it out! Same with vegetables and fruit, cut them up and make snack bags!

6) Hard boil Your Eggs.

If you never cook, because you never have time, then as soon as you get back from the market, hard boil all 12 of those eggs you bought. Now you have breakfast and snack options for the week…and it only took 15 minutes.

These are only a few of the ways to make good nutrition happen. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Sit down for a few minutes and strategize your food prep. Without any thought to how you are going to work healthy eating into your tight schedule it’s never going to happen.


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