Deep Thoughts – November 23rd Edition.

23 Nov

In this first segment of my deepest thoughts we will cover topics ranging from working out to Cold Remedies.

Let’s have at it.

1. Mucinex D is a powerful decongestant. It also contains “psuedoephedrine,” don’t take it immediately before bed.

2. Sometimes when your workouts are lacking motivation the best thing you can do is something totaly off schedule. 2 take aways:

  • A deck of cards, a 24kg and a 32kg Kettlebell can turn into the best workout you have had in a week. Assign 32 kg Swings to the hearts, 24kg Snatches to the Diamonds, Push Ups to the Spades and 32kg Goblet Squats to the Clubs. Perform the number of the suit you turn over, doubling that number for swings. Additionally, any number less than six for snatches do entirely on your weaker side.
  • When you feel the inspiration to crush a workout, run with it ( well not literally, I would go lift something). You will have an amazing workout and you can reorder your schedule to rest appropriately afterwards.

3. Cake should be a staple at Thanksgiving dinner…I like pie, but cake…cake man.

4. Here is an awesome quote from Alwyn Cosgrove that he posted up a week ago:

Trainers and coaches who aren’t confident in their abilities, will just try to hammer the client every session – doing random stuff, just hard all the time. There’s no skill in that approach.Smart trainers build progression into their programming and are more concerned with their clients progressing and getting results than just hammering them all the time.Fatigue and soreness are not indicators of progress.

A frickin’ Men.

5. I read a lot of blogs. In fact, there are way to many quality fitness blogs to keep up with it seems. However, after reading his articles EVERYWHERE, I have begun to slowly make my way through the archives of Bret Contreras’s Blog. There is a ton of great stuff there and his weekly post on “what to read” is enough to keep you learning all week. Check it out here:

Bret Contreras


6. Thursday morning many people people have told me about the aerobic activities they plan on doing in preperation for the great meal. Shame on them!

Lifting things would better support their general reasoning for working out,


 be more epic. I’ll be hosting

feats of strength on my parents front lawn, while my family most likely

wonders whats wrong with me over breakfast. You are

all welcome to join.

7. In Honor Of The Glorious Feast That Will Be Upon Us in a Mere Few Days I

Leave You With This:



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