Regain Motivation

6 Dec

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Mine was excellent. I was gone with training for OCS. Needless to say I continued to pick up a ton of valuable information and strategies for leadership.

Having been gone all weekend I need to keep this short today. Therefore, I want to share a helpful piece of advice that has stuck with me in my training.

Let’s Roll:

This piece of advice I believe came from Jim Wendler, and Wendler said something to the extent of: When you lack motivation for your workout, just pick one exercise.

Decide that you’re going to Squat, Pull or whatever your big movement for that day is. When you lack that initial motivation the workout, in it’s entirety, can feel overwhelming.

However, if you just set out to crush the 5 sets of Squats for example, you will find:

  • You are productive and have a great session
  • That you will often feel better afterwards and continue on with the whole days program

Give it a try, it works.

Not to mention most of your gains are coming from how you progress on that one lift anyhow.




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