Deep Thought: Tuesday February 15th

15 Feb


Here are some of my most recent deep thoughts:

1. There are some really cool new products out there right now in the fitness industry that you should check out ASAP:

  • Nate Green is the man and he is not afraid to tell you so. Usually that sort of person pisses me off, a lot. With Nate, although I’ve never met him, it’s different. I truly respect him, or his internet persona, and I want you to check out his new book. Guess what? The book is absolutely FREE. Yes, FREE. Follow the link below (click the picture) and give it a read, I am about a quarter in and it’s hitting home hard, I love it.


  • I’ve started a new training regimen and so far it is bad ass. The workouts are a bit different than what I am used to, but so far they are not the challenging part of the program. The meal plan is legit and it calls for some serious discipline. The program runs for 12 weeks and I have made a pact with my nutrition partner, aka my girlfriend, to stay the course. I will be posting more details in the future, including progress pics every 4 weeks. For now check out the program yourself by clicking the pic below.

  • I recently picked up a 50lb weight vest and I gotta say the vest is an under utilized tool in my opinion. I have added 20min incline walks to my daily schedule and also have begun using the vest for user friendly loading on TRX, Gym Rope and other various exercises that require a lot of concentration, making yielding DB’s and bars very hard for people. I’ll have more on this in the coming week.
  • Lastly, sand bag training is making a comeback and with good reason. However, the biggest advantage I have found to implementing sandbags has been with my female clients. The sandbag is a great way to get women to lift heavier things, or to say, to get women to lift what they are capable of. I think there is a large mental block when a woman looks at say a 135 loaded barbell. However teach them good form and have them pick a 135lb bag off the ground and they can’t wait to do it again. Good Stuff!

That’s it for now!

Here’s to a productive week both in and out of the gym.

– GR


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