Q & A: I Want A Six Pack

17 Feb

My new years resolution is to get a 6-pack and to get ripped up. I know that requires proper diet and a good amount of cardio. I’ve never been able to attain a sculpted core so i was wondering if you had some suggestions. How much cardio per week or per workout day? How long should i spend on abs?

Alright let’s start with this. It’s pretty much ALL about a proper diet. The elusive six pack awaits thee who holds the discipline to consistently follow a great diet.

If you need help in the nutrition department  I would recommend using this resource: PrecisionNutrition.com

For a relatively small price you will have the single BEST nutrition plan, support and information around today.

As for your statement on “cardio.” You actually don’t need to do very much sustained aerobic work (run, jog, bike, elliptical, etc.) to drop body fat. That being said, it isn’t going to hurt you to do it. However, you need to prioritize what kind of exercise you are going to do. I’m not going to try and say it better than a master of fat loss training so I would read this article: Hierarchy of Fat Loss by Alwyn Cosgrove

Lastly, “How long should I spend on Abs.”

I’m going to assume you just read that Cosgrove article. If you didn’t go read it now.

Ok, welcome back. Since the most important thing you can do when training for fat loss is eat well I’m going to remind you again that putting your focus here, and not the nuances of your training, is going to be key. Secondly, remember that activities which promote / maintain muscle growth, elevate metabolism, and burn calories are the first priority. Therefore, it makes the most sense to choose exercises that hit a lot of your bodies musculature all at once. This is because those exercises cause the highest amounts of the aforementioned effects.

Traditional Ab work shouldn’t be a large part of your approach.

This is not to say that nothing should be done for the muscles of the midsection. Here are three tips to tax your core a little harder and smarter, especially when trying to lean out.

  1. Utilize more exercises that don’t involve external support. Move away from the benches, seats, and machines. Do your shoulder presses standing, try some unsupported rows, please step away from the leg press.
  2. Utilize more unilateral movements. Lunges, single leg deadlifts, single arm pushes and pulls. This strategy does two things: It causes more stabilization in the core and generally makes each set about twice as long.
  3. Utilize off – set loading. Off – set loading is taking an exercise traditionally done with an equal amount of weight on each side, and instead holding weight only on one side of your body. It can be done with bilateral and unilateral movements.

A lot of what I talked about in this post is talked about thouroughly in Alwyn Cosgrove and Lou Schuler’s new book, “New Rules of Lifting for Abs.” I highly recommend it.

Hope this all helps!

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2 Responses to “Q & A: I Want A Six Pack”

  1. Brad Robillard February 18, 2011 at 5:32 pm #

    This is awesome Greg, I still have to read the hierarchy of fat loss but I’ve read everything else thus far. I’ll be putting this to good use starting monday! I’ll keep you posted on my results.


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