Get Your Swing Right

13 Jun

A lot of people have questions on the swing. Below is a quick video we shot this afternoon for you guys. Bare with us, we only did one take!

Key Points:

1. Hip Hinge – Move from the hips! The KB Swing is basically a dynamic deadlift. IT IS NOT A SQUAT.

2. Lock Out Quicky To A Plank Position – The lock out is crisp and hard. Glutes engaged, shoulders packed, stomach braced.

3. Relaxation / Tension / BREATHE – The breathing is huge in perfecting the swing. Sniff air into the stomach, exhale with maximum tension. Alternate between controlled relaxtion and bursts of tension.


One Response to “Get Your Swing Right”

  1. Mary Lou Sauro June 13, 2011 at 10:31 pm #

    Greg this is a great clip. As a visual learner this is really helpful. Thanks

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