Why Do I Need a Coach?

29 Jun

In light of opening up my online coaching programs this Friday I want to speak briefly on why having a coach is vital to success.

Let’s start with a little exercise. Briefly write down all the advantages you can think of to having a coach. Don’t take more than a few minutes.

Ok, now look at each one and cross out all the advantages you think could be self provided, or that you are unwilling to pay for.

How many are left?

The key services of a coach are something we often think we don’t need, or more commonly, think  we can provide ourselves. But ask yourself this question:

How many succesful people have coaches, mentors and teachers?

I would argue all of them. If you think I’m wrong, go ask someone you consider to be successful who their coach, mentor or teacher is / was.

I strongly believe in the service of a quality coach because I know the value of the service. I work with coaches myself. While I have great confidence in my ability to write exercise programs and give (/ follow my) nutritional advice, I will continue to follow external guidance for a LONG time to come.

Here are 3 big reasons why:

1. Monitored Progress – Intelligent Progressions / Decisions

I’ve spoken on the importance of progress on this site before (once, or twice, or three times). It’s undeniably essential to getting to your goal. You need to ensure it’s happening, and to do so it must be monitored. Therefore an obvious advantage to coaching is having someone making sure that the necessary numbers are gathered and kept track of.

What is less obvious are the small progressions a good coach makes for you. Everything from volume, intensity, tempo, exercise selection,  nutritional changes, and even changes in your behaviors can be regressed, progressed, and altered in order to continue incremental forward progress. A good coach monitors your progress, and focuses relentlessly on making sure it continues. They do this by meeting you where you are today and taking you intelligently to where you want to be.

To put it bluntly:

If you’ve never done a barbell front squat, tomorrow might not be the best day to start. If skipping breakfast everyday is the norm, asking you to whip up a veggie omelet each morning is probably a bit daunting. If stressful days at work often lead to quality ice cream time…telling you to stop because “that’s not helpful” isn’t only insultingly obvious – it’s completely unproductive.

Everyone can benefit from another set of eyes taking an objective look at where you are now, where you want to be, and what things need to be done to get there.

Coaches make decisions to help you improve long term. You may have the engine roaring, ready to make a complete overhaul in your life tomorrow morning. A good coach merely steers that passion, keeping you on the road to your goal by hitting checkpoints along the way.

Better to be person one, than person two. Smart decisions and progressions lead to constant progress. Other approaches continue to get people nowhere...

… Tune in tomorrow for Part II !


One Response to “Why Do I Need a Coach?”

  1. Matt Marcinczyk June 29, 2011 at 6:53 pm #

    Well said. Most people, including myself, believe they can accomplish their goals without any help. In truth, all successful people have had that special person in their life who guides and motivates them behind the scenes. You can absolutely get in shape and make progress without a coach but to attain the next level you need talk to a person who has been there or at least knows the way.

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