Fat Loss Help – Out of sight, out of mind

20 Jul

The tip below is key for fat loss. If you want to lose body fat read on.

Out of sight:

On numerous occasions I have encountered people (to include myself) who put the idea of moderation up on a pedestal. They want to have chocolate, ice cream, wine, juice, chips etc in their house. Additionally, they want to be the person who can have all of these in their kitchen, and only eat a little bit of each at a time.

They have friends that can do it, and figure, I can do it too!  But…

Apparently you can’t. Which is totally fine. I couldn’t do it either.

Not being able to restrain from eating more, and not having the discipline, really frustrated me. I know it is frustrating you as well. More importantly, I know it is keeping you from the body you have worked hard to get.

I am not going to come flat-out and tell you to clear the house of anything that isn’t going to help you. Instead, I want you to read the next section and decide for yourself.

Out of mind:

You probably think I am going to say that if it’s out of sight you won’t think about it, and thus it will be off your mind. Wrong.

Really? You think I don’t know Ben and Jerry’s is a 2m walk down the street? What I want out of mind is your skewed thinking.

Ice cream, chocolate and chips…all in one place

Here are two perceived traits of people with great physiques:

  • They can eat anything they want (aka they were born that way)
  • They have incredible discipline
Many times that’s true. They have one, the other, or both. Clearly you and I do not fall under category one. No problem. Additionally, incredible discipline doesn’t necessarily mean the ability to walk past a cookie jar in the kitchen and not even blink. That’s torture!
So ask yourself this: What is it that you want? Is it your goal physique, or the ability to eat sweets in moderation?
Quick story:
Person A was unhappy with their physique. They would have liked to be a bit slimmer. Person A was envious of Person B’s physique. Person A would marvel at how Person B had the ability to keep any food item in their house, only to have a nibble of it here and there. Person A continually tried to emulate Person’s B’s discipline. In the end Person A would give in and eat large amounts of the food that was better left alone.
Person A would get frustrated and beat themselves up, continually questioning their inability to execute discipline.
What’s wrong with this picture? Person A lost sight of what the actual goal was; a better physique.
In the book “The Four Hour Work Week,” Tim Ferris talks about the difference between people who want a million dollars, and those who want to do the things a millionaire does. If you want to live the millionaire’s lifestyle you don’t need $1,000,000.00 in your bank account. If you literally want to have a million dollars then that’s a different story.
So what do you want:
  1. To lose fat and have a better physique?
  2. To be the person everyone envies because they can eat whatever they want?
  3. To be the person who can stay lean and keep any food around?
If you answered two and you aren’t already, you’re never going to be. If you answered three, it’s a noble thought but it just doesn’t work for everyone. If you answered one, start doing whatever it takes for YOU to make that happen.

One Response to “Fat Loss Help – Out of sight, out of mind”

  1. Anjii August 9, 2011 at 1:08 pm #

    That saves me. Thanks for being so sniesble!

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