A Great Opportunity To Learn!

2 Dec

The absolute best thing I ever did to learn about training others as well as myself was to learn it first hand.

How do you do this? You go to seminars. You can read every book. You can watch every dvd. Nothing compares to being taught in person; nothing.

That being said a lot of seminars these days are PACKED. However, my friend John Gaglione of Gaglione Strength is conducting a seminar in January that I promise won’t disappoint. The spots are limited to ONLY 15 people, and I know they will go fast.

Why learn from John? John is a coach who has spent time under the bar. You can’t replace the knowledge someone has from years of their own training. John works with REAL people! Imagine that? A lot of coaches out there have great internet presences but spend little time actually in the trenches. John works with athletes every day. Lastly, John does everything he can to better himself and his clients. I have seen John at almost every seminar I have attended recently. Additionally, he has taken the time to visit the best facilities and learn from the best.

Let him help you out, you won’t be disappointed. For more info, click HERE




One Response to “A Great Opportunity To Learn!”

  1. John December 2, 2011 at 9:35 pm #

    Greg Thank you so much for your kind words! I am really excited for this event. And he is right the spots are going FAST! The registration has only been up for a couple of hours and two spots are already gone! Again Greg I really appreciate the support and I can’t wait to spread more knowledge this January 7th!

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