Guest Post For The PTDC!

8 Dec

Today I have a guest post featured on The Personal Trainer Development Center’s website. The PTDC is proving to be an incredible resource. I feel very fortunate to have content there. Thank you Jon Goodman and The PTDC for the opportunity!

Training for Strength

Much to my dismay it seems that trainers continually side step around teaching strength.

So how do you teach strength? Here’s a few lessons I have learned from people stronger than me, and who have helped hundreds finally experience what strength training means….

read the rest here!


One Response to “Guest Post For The PTDC!”

  1. Mary Lou Sauro December 8, 2011 at 2:42 pm #

    This is great Greg,
    I also want to add: as people age the number one thing they loose is their balance. What I have learned in getting stronger is that my balance is better. So yes it is extremely important to strength train to avoid balance issues now and later(falling isn’t fun). When people are getting stronger they are learning to fire muscles they may not normally contract with any other sport. It is the firing of those muscles that help prevent falls.

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