Why Creatine?

21 Mar

I am going to keep these supplement posts short and simple.

There is a considerable amount of information on the benefits of creatine. Here’s what you should know:

1. It’s safe – yes it is safe.

2. It’s naturally occurring in your body.

3. It increases your bodies ability to produce energy. Adequate creatine levels help your body produce ATP more efficiently.

4. It increases performance in short term, explosive events. Weight lifting and sprinting are two examples.

5. It increases your cognitive functions. Creatine not only enhances the energy production for skeletal muscle, but the brain as well.

6. Some creatine is supplied via dietary intake. Meat contains small doses of creatine.

7. Stick with a pure creatine monohydrate – Study on creatine ethyl ester.

I use Biotest’s pure creatine monohydrate. I generally take about 10g right before I train with the gatorade I drink during training. Other days I will just take 5g with water.

5g a day is a good recommendation. I have seen recommendations of higher doses for strength athletes, sprinter’s and other athletes who rely on short duration energy systems.


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