VIDEOS and More!

2 Apr

I am a lot busier today than I thought I would be. Therefore, the meet recap will have to wait until tomorrow.

However! I do have two videos, and a link to my article in the TPS newsletter for you to check out.

WARNING: The KB Swing video is long, I talk with my hands a lot, say “um” too much, and the last two minutes is incredibly close to my gourd. It’s weird to watch yourself talk for this long, but if you’re having trouble with the swing this video should help:

The next video is courtesy of Russ Smith, TPS coach, and mustache extraordinaire. It features all the guys from TPS who competed this past weekend. It’s pretty awesome:

Lastly, here is an article I wrote for the TPS newsletter. It talks about med ball throws, gives a few variations, and some basic, albeit broad, guidelines on how to program them. To give credit where credit is due, I have taken A LOT of my med ball exercises from the guys down at Cressey Performance, so if you are looking for more information on throws I suggest checking out Eric’s blog, and Tony’s blog:

Why You Should Incorporate Throws and How To Do It.

Check in tomorrow for more on the meet!





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