5 Things You Haven’t Considered For Fat Loss Training

9 Apr

There is A LOT of fat loss information around these days. So much so, that you’re probably tired of hearing the same things all the time. Or maybe you’re like me and you’re tired of hearing a bunch of nonsense all the time.

Below are five things you may have not considered using in a fat loss program.

  1. You need to lift heavy.
    1. Type IIa and type IIb fast-twitch muscle fibers spark your anaerobic metabolic systems. Lifting heavy recruits these muscle fibers maximally. The more you recruit these fibers the more you boost metabolism. The higher your metabolic rate the more energy you use. When you’re at an energy deficit you lose body fat. Examples: Squat, Dead lift, Bench Press, Chin Ups at 85 – 100% of what you’re capable of.
  1. Controlled Tempos.
    1. You can create near maximal tension by doing controlled sets at durations of 10-45 seconds. Example: DB Bench press for 8 reps with three second negatives.
  1. Be Explosive.
    1. Lifting lighter to moderately heavy loads fast also creates near maximal tension. Examples: Medicine ball throws, Jumps, sprints, Olympic lifts.
  1. Compensatory Acceleration Training.
    1. The weight doesn’t necessarily need to move fast for you to exert a maximum amount of force into it. Use bands and chains to focus on moving loads as fast as possible. As the strength curve changes so does the amount of weight you’re lifting, allowing you to apply maximum force through a full range of motion. Again, this creates maximum tension. Tension = muscle recruitment. The more you recruit, the more effective you will be. Examples: Squats against chains, push ups vs. bands.
  1. Use Isometrics
1. Isometric training means creating maximum tension to hold a fixed position under load. Once again, maximum tension will get you better fat loss results. Examples: Push up holds, Chin Up Holds.

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