25 Lessons From My 25th Year

4 May

As the bill to make my birthday a national holiday is still pending, many of you probably don’t realize that I turned 26 today. Happy Birthday to me!

This past year has been REALLY eventful. There have been ups and downs, and I have gone through a lot of changes. The following are 25 lessons learned both in and out of the gym, each has played a significant role in my life over the past year. I am just writing these out as they come to mind, so here comes the randomness!

1. Nothing is out of your reach: You’re not the smartest, the strongest, the best looking, etc. SO WHAT. You are capable of getting what you want. In order to do so, you need to embody some of the following lessons.

2. Don’t limit yourself from the start.

3. Do You: Stop worrying about what others have, what others do, what others want. Make time to help the people you care about, and show those important to you that you care, but never give up what makes you who you are. If you are a genuine person, and you work hard, you are going places. Become the strongest version of yourself.

4. Stop making fear based decisions. Making choices based on fear is a sure fire way to be unhappy. I subscribe to the idea that you can make decisions based on love or fear. Don’t choose to do things because you are scared of an alternate outcome. Choose based on your values, whatever those may be.

5. In line with number 4, start making conscious decisions.

6. Challenge the norm: Stand up for what you believe in. Sometimes you might piss someone off. Most times people will admire you for believing in something.

7. Be positive.

8. Go to bed early, wake up before the drones.

9. Do what YOU want to do. Yes, sometimes being a good friend, or partner, means making sacrifices. However, you can often times strike a balance between what others want, and what you want. Your friends are going to the club, and that’s not your scene? Meet them for dinner before, and head home after.

10. Being introverted is ok.

11. You can’t teach hustle.

12. Getting stronger solves A LOT of problems.

13. Better to be great at less, than mediocre at more.

14. I love my job, and if you don’t, I think you should make a change.

15. My clients are awesome, each in their own special way. Be professional, but also be a friend. I don’t like the idea that our relationship is purely just the hour or three we have at the gym. Get involved.

16. Power lifting is a ton of fun. Training with a purpose will do more for you than any flashy program, or BS supplement.

17. Hard work, trumps everything if you want to get stronger. Sure, an intelligent approach keeps you healthy, but you actually have to train your ass off to make gains.

18. Writing is the greatest outlet I have. I recommend everyone makes time to write.

19. Soft tissue work, mobility work and activation will make you feel and perform better. Don’t skimp on it.

20. Be grateful: I am incredibly grateful for the people who have come into my life, believed in me, and given me the opportunities to be the best I can be. Thank you: My parents, brother, friends, Murph, Steve, everyone at TPS, Eric, and my future friends at CP.

21. A good training partner will change the way you train. Thanks to my boy Jamie Smith (Dale Doback).

22. Jumps are awesome. If they make sense for you, use them.

23. Stay humble, stay hungry.

24. Communication is everything. You can have great ideas, be incredibly intelligent, love someone to death, but if you can’t communicate your feelings, and your value it doesn’t matter.

25. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”: Sometimes you will do the wrong things, for the right reasons. Apologize, forgive yourself, and move on.


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