Two MORE Ways To Over Deliver In A Group Exercise Setting

10 May

If you missed the first installment of this series you can check it out here:

3 Ways To Over Deliver In A Group Exercise Setting

Today I’d like to bring you two more ideas to help you create a special experience with small and large groups.

1. Make Everyone a Coach

When you are the head coach, or trainer, of a group you are placed in a leadership position. A good leader knows how to delegate. Additionally, I find the best way to learn is often to teach. One of the greatest challenges in a group setting is being able to keep an eye on everyone. In fact, doing so is almost impossible! There is an easy way to make your group members better, and to have them help your classes be better. Make your group members into assistant coaches.

After you have given them basic form instruction, pair members of the group together. While one person is performing an exercise, have the person who is resting take an active role in coaching their partner. Promoting this kind of activity does A LOT of great things. To name a few: It builds camaraderie, enforces coaching cues for both people, keeps people engaged while resting, and ensures that everyone has eyes on them at all times. All of these are hugely important and will elevate the quality of your class.

2. Make It An Experience

About a year ago I read a really great book entitled: “Marketing Lessons From The Grateful Dead: What Every Business Can Learn From The Most Iconic Band in History” by David Merman Scott and Brian Halligan. A large part of the message was based on the idea that the Grateful Dead didn’t make money off their music, but rather, off the experience of being a “Dead Head.” The same should go for your group class. The workout should be intelligent and productive, but the experience should be the selling factor.

Often times the Dead gave their music away for free. They didn’t focus on record sales. Instead, most of their revenue came from live shows, and the die hard fans that would follow them across the country. People chased the experience of being a part of the Grateful Dead culture. The band encouraged the recording of their music, and the free sharing of their music. This essentially created a free form of exposure, that they cashed in on through ticket sales and merchandise.

Strive to make the experience of your class so awesome that people want to be a part of the atmosphere, and want to live the lifestyle that you promote during your group sessions.

So how do you do this?

First, make sure class is more than a “work out”. Have people work together, take part in team challenges, and get involved with one another.

Second, spread free information. Give them little home workouts (or even copies of the day’s workout), encourage them to read articles from your web site and share the information and workouts with people who aren’t class members yet.

Lastly, bring some energy! The Grateful Dead were touted as one of the best live bands ever. Why? Every show was a life changing experience for their fans. The energy was high, they were surrounded by like minded individuals, and each concert was just a little different than any other. While group classes should have a systematic approach to progressing people, make sure they leave amped up, anticipating the next class, and eager to share their experience with friends and family.

There’s a little more food for thought, have a great day!


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