More Things People Make WAY Too Big A Deal About

16 May

I enjoyed writing about this last time so much…I’m bringing sexy it back (sexy never left).

These posts aren’t meant to be a “rant” just a little reality check to help you keep things in perspective. Often times we make a HUGE deal about something, and as a result we lose sight of the picture as a whole. With that in mind, let’s do this!

1. Getting Strong as @#$!

Wait, what!? Isn’t this what I’m all about, isn’t this what I help people do? Yes it is, but there needs to be an understanding.

In relation to athletic performance, absolute strength is only one quality that needs to be increased, or trained. At a certain point the efforts, and energy, that an athlete will expend to get to a certain “number” on a lift can actually be detrimental to their progress. Let me break it down for you:

If an athlete comes to me and has no real baseline strength, then sure, adding lbs. to the bar is going to make a huge impact on his performance. Think of his / her absolute strength as a pool of potential strength or force that they can draw from. If the pool is bone dry, then we need to fill it. However, aside from strength athletes, many athletes will not have the opportunity, in competition, to create the force (from a time perspective) to reach the full force potential they are capable of. Therefore, improving other qualities such as explosive strength, reactive strength, etc. also need to be trained. Furthermore, improving an athlete mechanically, both from a movement and sport skill stand point, will always have high transfer to the field.

At a certain point taking someone’s squat from 365lbs to 465lbs is not necessary (or at least not the priority). That time and effort could be better spent increasing their ability to utilize the strength they have, and making them better mechanically at the demands of their sport. We can strike a balance between all these by taking a patient and organized approach to strength / performance training, but don’t get lost in the numbers game, there’s a lot more to it.

2. Complicated Cutting Edge Approaches

Yesterday I tossed up a post on nutrition. I had a great response to the article: “This is brilliant, now many people won’t listen because it’s easy.”

Oh how I wish this wasn’t true, but it is. Why is it that people associate complexity with “better?” I imagine it has something to do with thinking that the more intricate it sounds, the better it must work. If you’re intelligent enough to take the time and seek out complex approaches, I would hope that you are also intelligent enough to realize that nothing works if you can’t carry it out.

Before you set yourself up to fail, ask yourself: “Do I understand why I’m doing this, can I adhere to this, and have I already exhausted the benefits of a more simplified approach?”

Simple isn’t always flashy, but simple works. Simple works because you can do it. Basic approaches to training and nutrition work, as long as you work at them. Just because something is elaborate and “new” doesn’t mean it’s better, it’s just different.

Telling your friends that you eat real food, perform big basic movements, and focus on constant progression / technique doesn’t sound as cool as saying you are following the Carb Blitz 2.5 protocol while running the High Intensity Super Threshold Method. Oh well, get over it.


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