Saturday Randomness

2 Jun

I only have about 15m to throw down some Saturday loving for you all, so here is a look at a few things I feel are worth sharing:

1. Spinach and Kale are easily added to shakes. You won’t taste them at all, people will think you are drinking HULK juice, and your overall health will thank you!

7 hours a day on your feet coaching, means you still gotta fuel the machine! 6oz water, 8oz almond/coconut milk, 2 huge handfuls of kale, 2 scoops of lo carb metabolic drive, 1 handful walnuts, and cinnamon. Eat to GROW!















2. I am all over a few videos by the guys at Supreme Sports Performance Training. The first talks about the advantage, and reasoning behind pulling singles only on the deadlift. This is something I have often found to make perfect sense. I actually do some rep work on the DL in my own training, but generally only one top set for reps, and then volume is built via singles. I have programed many clients with singles exclusively, and had great results. It really makes sense to me, looking at how the lift is performed.

The next is also great. I still am not sold on speed work for the raw lifter. I prefer that speed or power be trained with jumps. I approach every rep trying to move the bar quickly, I don’t find any transfer from dedicated dynamic effort work in my training. I may change this opinion as I get stronger, but we will see.

Lastly, I use Prilepin’s Chart (or slight modification of it) quite a bit to program people. I think this video does a nice job going over the chart, get familiar.

3. I made my first two videos this week. They talk briefly on what I call the “3 Phase Training Mindset.” I only do one take, so cut me some slack!

4. Eating right doesn’t have to suck. Here is a sneak peak of a typical quick grocery trip!

eggs, grass fed beef, asparagus, protein powder, walnuts, peanut butter, lara bars, cottage cheese, almond milk, bacon, spinach (not pictured), Can’t go wrong!














Have a great weekend everyone. Time to go help others, help myself, and spend some time with the people I care about! Do the same.



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