Paleo: The Perfect Nutritional Base?

5 Jun

My stance on nutrition is the product of a long, and at times, ugly relationship with food.

Where has this relationship taken me?

Mostly: to have an incredibly down to earth view on “good” nutrition and to question any approach that is given a name or label. People have better things to do than worry incessantly about nutrient timing, calorie and macro nutrient breakdowns, or eliminating food groups all together (those with food allergies withstanding).

When I am asked about “Paleo” I kind of laugh. What is Paleo exactly? To me, it’s pretty much just good nutrition. Here are the general guidelines:











More in depth, here is an awesome write up on what exactly the Paleo approach includes: READ ME 

In very short:

  • Eat ruminant animal proteins – red meat, fish, eggs, and some poultry.
  • Eat non starchy vegetables – think leafy greens
  • Eat a variety of healthy fats, to include saturated fats – nuts, seeds, coconut oil, trace animal fats. Cut out the hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils.
  • Eat some fruit
  • Avoid processed garbage, dairy, grains, and of course sugar (AH, Sugar is evil…?)

There is obviously more to the approach, but this covers the basics.

The elimination of processed foods, dairy, grains, and sugar may seem daunting. I agree. I like sugar, I eat dairy here and there, grains happen, and sometimes processed foods enter my mouth.

However, Paleo principles are a fantastic base for overall better nutrition. In fact, I would advocate keeping your diet mostly Paleo. For example, keeping your house Paleo friendly, purchasing many of the Paleo “on-the-go” packs, and keeping the principles of the approach in mind when ordering out.

On occasion if you find yourself consuming dairy, sugar, grains, and processed food, so be it. If 80-90% of your choices are Paleo friendly you are going to have tremendous success.

Instead of bashing the Paleo movement, realize that it is mostly just advocating better nutrition. Embrace the movement, as it’s popularity has caused there to be plethora of free recipes, and affordable options for on the go people.

That being said, allow yourself to stray from the guidelines. In moderation enjoy a little sugar, grain, or dairy. It’s not going to kill you.

Off topic, I leave you with this:

Cervical extension never looked so right.


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