Dead Squats: Bring Your Training Back To Life

26 Jun

Initially I was going to title this masterpiece “Dead Squats Are The Greatest #$&*!#$% Ever! Bring Your Squat Back To Life.” Then I reconsidered, because the dead squat will actually improve far more than just your squat.

What is a Dead Squat? 

You may have heard it referred to as a: Anderson Squat, Bottoms Up Squat, Squat From The Pins, Bi Lateral Knee Dominant Push From Parallel Setting <– Really did see that once. I simply know it as a dead squat, the obvious most bad ass thing to call squatting hundreds of pounds from a dead stop position out of the hole, right?!

It looks like this:


Or if you are the originator of Dinosaur Training, it looks like this:

Let’s stop for a second and appreciate how AWESOME that video was. Kubik is a legend.

Why Do It?

  • It teaches you how to squat. Playing with leverages, foot position, and learning to grind / brace through the lift will teach you a lot about what the free squat should feel like.
  • It develops strength out of the hole.
  • It develops starting strength that will transfer to the deadlift as well.
  • It is a simple supplementary lift that can be done pretty much anywhere.

How To Do It:

This is pretty self explanatory. It’s not an article on how to actually squat. So…

  1. Place pins at about waist height
  2. Place mid foot under bar
  3. Bring yourself under the bar
  4. Squat
  5. Repeat

Where does it fit in?

Most advantageously as a supplementary lift after you squat, in my opinion. It can be usefully programmed many different ways though.

I would advocate singles only.

I think that any exercise from a dead stop (to include the deadlift) should be primarily done in singles. However, with more mechanical exercises like the dead squat and dead bench, there just seems to be no reward, and a ton of risk to trying to bang out reps. Plus, what’s the point? It comes to a dead stop anyway. The point is to create force from nothing. So if you are using a weight that could be done for reps, still do singles just keep the rest very low. Bang em out, one right after another.

Go Squat Something!


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