Quick Tip: Food Is Good

20 Aug

Many of us want to improve strength, muscle mass, and stay lean. While I firmly believe the most success, in either category, comes when you prioritize it; you can make progress in all three areas at the same time.

I have found a few tricks that help me keep my nutrition in check (in order to stay lean), while also eating enough to promote gains in size and strength. One of which is to intelligently attack post training nutrition.

I truly love to eat. I can absolutely crush food. One way I have found to keep my hunger in check, and not take in an excessive amount of calories is to cut back on serving sizes of post training shakes. If you look at the recommendations on the back of most “post training” protein powders, they recommend you take in a pretty high amount of carbs and protein. This is a good thing, except for the fact that you aren’t sitting down and chewing any food.

He crushes harder.

Instead, try cutting the serving size in half, or even in thirds. Make up the additional calories about 30min or so later with a big meal.

For example, I choose to use Biotest’s SURGE recovery post training. For my body weight, they would recommend that I consume 3 scoops. They are also advocates of eating an additional carb / protein rich meal a hour later. I am totally on board with this if someone is trying to gain weight.

In my case, and I think many of you are in the same boat, this would provide me with less of an opportunity to eat food, as the three scoops alone would give me a fair amount of calories. Instead I take one scoop with added Leucine and Creatine. This gives my body some quick nutrients, but leaves plenty of room to destroy a big meal 30m later.

To recap:

If you want to add pounds to your frame then by all means take the full serving, and eat a big meal.

If you want to hover around where your at, curb your need to actually chew food, and fuel your system to grow, cut the serving down and make up the difference with food.


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