Article For JTS: Thoughts On Becoming a Better Raw Squatter

4 Sep

I am really excited to have an article up at Juggernaut Training Systems. Chad Wesley Smith, is not only a phenomenal lifter, but an excellent coach. I realized after I had pushed “send” that I sent an article on improving your raw squat to a 900+ lbs raw squatter…thankfully he agreed with what I had to say.

Not All Squats Are Created Equal: 3 Thoughts On Becoming a Better Raw Squatter:

If you want to be a good raw back squatter then you need to embrace the nuances of that lift. It isn’t the same as geared squatting, box squatting, front squatting, or any other kind of squat you might choose to utilize.

1. Stop box squatting

I don’t like the box squat for those looking to excel at raw squatting. Why? Mainly it’s too far removed from a technique and demand standpoint from the raw squat. Box squatting, done correctly, is a different lift all together. Most will assume a wider stance, utilize the hips to a point that isn’t possible in a raw squat, and become reliant on the controlled descent….

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