3 Tips For Stronger Lifts (Part II)

28 Jan

To pick up where we left off last time, in addition to doing more work with straight weight, I have also made another big adjustment.

I started moving weights with a purpose, all the time.


So point number two will be entitled:

2. Bring intensity, at any intensity!

Admittedly I my squat has never been explosive. Not even close. Check out this video of a 465lb single from a few months ago.

Another confession would be that I always preached moving weights fast. The truth was when I started to evaluate my training, and more specifically my squat, I realized I was not approaching sets in the 60 – 80% range with the aggression I should be. I was complacent with being smooth, and that was no longer cutting it.

After all, the great Mel Siff made the saying famous that “strength training, is really force training.”

The equation for force is simple –> Force = mass x acceleration

With that in mind (and I know there is more to this), you need to be working to elevate both variables on the right side of that equation. If you are looking to create maximal amounts of force then you need to accelerate lighter weights to the best of your ability.

A.K.A. Bring some purpose with you to train.

Since my meet in October, I have put a premium on this and was able to hit 495lb squat, 20lbs higher than my best meet squat, about 8 weeks after competition.

If you feel as though you are spinning your wheels working sub maximally, I would scrutinize how effectively you are embodying this principal.

Furthermore, if you are one of those people who isn’t that strong and using a sub maximal approach such as 5/3/1, stop whining about how you never handle any weight. Your 90% isn’t that much weight anyways. If you stopped talking and started training with the intensity I describe above you would be making great progress.

Lastly, this applies to both to both the eccentric (lowering) and concentric (lifting) portion of the movement. It should be applied to the bench and squat primarily. In terms of the deadlift, you want to rip into every bar like it’s a max attempt. Your body doesn’t know if you are about to meet up with 315lbs or 600lbs until you meet the end of the slack, so train it to be explosive – always. With supplemental lifts and accessory work there isn’t anything wrong with moving things quickly but depending on the outcome you wish to obtain from the work you would want to vary how you approach it.








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