“I have been extremely satisfied with the results I have achieved from working out with Greg, and I am equally impressed with the vast knowledge I have learned.   I first met Greg when I signed up for his TRX small group training.  Since November, I have been preparing to report to Naval Officer Candidacy School, and I explained to Greg that this was my motivation for taking his class.  Being an officer in the Army Reserve, Greg knew what I would be facing and what I would need to do to meet the challenge.

In January I weighed in at 196 lbs.  Today, I weigh 170 lbs (May 2011).  The majority of lost weight I assume to be fat, as I have more muscle definition now than I have ever had previously.  My results are the product of Greg’s ingenuity in designing workouts and providing pertinent nutritional information. 

Greg has three strengths as a trainer.  First, Greg has an encyclopedic knowledge of exercises ranging from traditional weight lifting to what I can only describe as Yoga inspired body toning.  He is constantly attending seminars and workshops to build upon this knowledge and pass it along to his clients.  Secondly, Greg is an excellent coach and teacher.  For at least four years I have struggled to lose what I always considered “those last five pounds.” It wasn’t until I weighed myself in January that I realized I was not even close to that goal.  Greg discussed my eating habits, and made me aware of the importance of counting calories.  Where many male trainers I have worked with in the past scoff at calorie counting, Greg illustrated its importance as part of a daily routine.  I believe that this is the single most important contribution to my weight loss.  Finally, Greg respects the client.  He is the only trainer I have ever worked with who thought that what I did without him was more important than what we did together.  I wish to point out that I am not an individual with the means to afford to work out with a trainer on a constant basis.  I take one of Greg’s public classes and a small group training session, yet I am given the respect of a constant client.   Greg has never pressured me into buying a package I cannot afford, which is a first in my experience.

I hope you will realize what an asset Greg is to the BSC Watertown.  I have worked with trainers at other BSC’s and Boston area gyms, but this is the first time I have had visibly noticeable results.  What I am most grateful for are the skills I have developed under Greg’s tutelage; I now have the tools and knowledge to be fit for life.  If Greg is any indication of the quality of trainer who works at BSC Watertown, you should consider yourself fortunate to have such a talented staff.”

Sam G, 26, Watertown MA

“I was training specifically for an 11 day hike in Peru, entailing 4-8 hours of hiking per day with elevation up to 15,000feet.  I worked with Greg via private training and small group training sessions. One day a week, Greg would focus on weight training and the alternate day we worked with the TRX system (which I love!). Greg provided me with at home weight training and cardio workouts and also gave me a lot of guidance on my diet. It was worth every penny! On my hike, I felt very strong and prepared – it was the most difficult physical challenge I have ever undergone and I give Greg a lot of credit for getting me where I needed to be!

I got so much stronger! When I started, I could dead-lift approximately 80 lbs and after 4 months I could lift my own body weight (135lbs) and more. I also love that I can do proper push-up and pull ups after working with Greg. He also had me focus on interval training during my at home work-outs which would help me prepare for shortness of breath (which I would experience on the hike from altitude).

I think Greg is an expert with respect to proper form in exercise. I have had many injuries in the past, and Greg was always  watching and correcting my form to ensure I was doing the exercise correctly. I am confident with my exercise “form” on a lot of exercises that I can take with me in the future.

I also learned a lot of from Greg with respect to diet. I consider myself a pretty healthy eater, and Greg pointed out several of my eating habits that could be improved (i.e., I need to eat protein at more meals…) I want to keep up the weight training and TRX training on a regular basis. I like being strong! I hope to find a trainer like Greg when I move to Miami this summer.

Thanks again Greg – you are awesome and I totally appreciate you kicking my ass in the gym! “

Kim W, 33, Cambridge MA

“My experience using a personal trainer has significantly surpassed my initial expectations. As an active athlete in my youth I thought that I knew enough about physical training to accomplish my goals without a trainer. As it turns out, my knowledge and approach were well out of date – since I started working with Greg I have made very significant improvements in meeting my training goals.

After an initial assessment, Greg was able to design a program to address my weaknesses and problem areas with a systematic and safe approach. This assessment was critical to the design of a program that would meet my goals. The program Greg put together involved treating my body as a single integrated unit rather than working on isolated muscle groups.

The single biggest benefit I have received is improved overall body strength and flexibility. This has significantly improved my golf game with respect to ball striking, distance and overall enjoyment. Secondary benefits include a significant reduction in % body fat and resulting improvements in self image and overall health.

Greg has provided me with significantly more efficient use of my training time. There is absolutely no way I would have reaped the benefits described above if I continued to train by myself. In addition working with a coach provides increased incentive to train on a regular basis as well as put in a little extra effort during each training session.”

David W, 51, Watertown MA

“I do a class and one-on-one training with Greg. It’s been great. Greg also gives me workouts to do on the days I don’t meet with him. I have gained strength, lost weight, and am noticeably more toned / shape to muscles. I’ve lost 14 lbs so far, which was my main goal when I started. Greg is great about giving nutritional info when asked. He took a look at what I was eating and made suggestions on what to change and how to fit foods into my day that I didn’t want to give up. Furthermore, I have more energy, no more being tired at 3pm! The coaching has made a difference in my life. I make better nutritional choices and I have a plan when I get to the gym (which makes my workouts faster and more enjoyable). “

Michelle S, 41, Watertown MA

“I had never done any training before I met Greg, he completely changed the way I look at working out and my nutrition.  I started learning proper form in all free weight lifts, especially squats, deadlifts and bench press.  I met Greg about two years ago, and my strength has gone way up and my physique transformed. I am now way more muscular.  I remember benching 40 lb dumbbells. Now whenever I bench I’m grabbing 80-105lb dumbbells.  

I also feel confident in the gym, and I know what to do when I get there.  The sessions with Greg are always informative and full of advice.  He has never failed to implement an intense workout that gets results!Specific results included bigger shoulders, my endurance in physical activities got better, my lifting strength went way up, and my knowledge of exercising techniques and stretching is huge.  I give advice to my friends and family now, they think I should be a trainer myself! Oh… and more female attention 😉 

The coaching makes me push myself harder when I workout on my own.  Coaching shows you how intense you could be working out, and makes you push your own limits.

I know tons of people that would benefit from Greg’s training, but they don’t think they need it.  Training is seen as a waste of money to many of my friends, but I think if they trained with Greg they would learn a lot and he would change their mind.  People are too stubborn in their ways.  Everyone in the gym, and everyone I work with could benefit from training with Greg.  From the experienced lifters to the people grudgingly making they’re way through the machines, there is always something new to learn and something to make your workout more enjoyable and effective.  On top of all that Greg is a really cool guy, very helpful even when I’m not paying for sessions, he will always answer questions and offer advice, and he trains all shapes and sizes of clients.  Greg changed my life!  I’m a bit of a health nut now, thanks to him, and I pass his advice on to my family and friends!”

Pat C, 26, Watertown MA

“Before meeting Greg I honestly thought personal training was a waste of money. Having a strength coach in high school and college, I figured I knew enough to get around and the last thing I wanted was to pay someone to give me a canned program that failed to challenge me. Greg is a breath of fresh air for those interested in a knowledgeable personal trainer who customizes your workout to make you as fit as possible. I have worked with Greg for the past year. He has renewed my passion for the gym and has helped me stay in shape during a stressful period.

The biggest benefit from training with Greg was that I was able to achieve a good cardio workout while strength training. Being an injured runner, to me this was huge. Greg attentively planned my workouts so that I could achieve a good cardio workout despite being limited in my ability to use traditional cardio equipment.

I sincerely believe that Greg is the best around. He does his homework, adapts workouts to your specific needs, and by no means puts you in a generic box. Greg’s coaching has shown me the benefits of still having guidance in the gym. The motivation that it instills in you and the ability it has to keep you consistent in the gym is invaluable.”

Denise 28, Watertown MA

“I’m getting stronger! I have NEVER been able to do a pull-up or chin-up, but I’ve recently surprised myself and been able to do 2…maybe even 3! 

The single biggest benefit I received from training is having a purpose in the gym, setting goals and reaching them, and gaining more strength. Instead of being satisfied by the number of minutes I spent at the gym, I’m now satisfied when I increase the weight I lift or shave a few seconds off my time for an interval. These have been better indicators of progress.

I feel confident enough to go to the squat rack (the “guy” section of the gym) and workout. Additionally, the added focus on nutrition is great! I haven’t only received workouts, but I feel like I’ve gotten a “program,” which includes workouts, feedback on food diaries, and open communication regarding questions or issues.”

Amanda F, 26, Brighton MA

“I worked with Greg during the last two years. He listened to what I was looking for and he prepared many customized programs to help me with muscle toning, cardiovascular endurance and overall physical strength. Greg makes sure that I can follow these programs when I workout by myself. He is always available to help me with exercises outside of our regular training sessions. During training he makes sure that I work hard and that I do all the routines correctly. Even small adjustments in form and body position make a big difference. He pushes hard and that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Most of all, he is encouraging and he motivates me to work to my full potential.”

Haris P, 50, Maynard MA

“I’ve trained int he past with a one on one trainer.  It was good.  We focused a lot on Weights and he expected me to do Cardio on my own.  The training I’ve done with Greg is completely different.  It is very challenging for me.  I’m winded most sessions, but I’m getting better at it!  When I started I felt like I was not going to make it.  I did feel like giving up because I thought it was too hard of a class given my shape at that time.  Greg is helping me with Nutrion as well.  Its hard to change one’s habits but he is living proof it works….and he’s very serious about what he does (the most serious I’ve experienced from a trainer) as a result he has gained the respect of all of his ‘students'”

Todd R, 37, Waltham MA

“My training experience with Greg has been intense and informative. It  allows me to challenge my body in new ways. I’ve noticed that I lowered my cholesterol, improved my strength and flexibility, and increased my stamina. Additionally, I have learned new exercises, and how different techniques can really make a big difference in gains of size and strength. I enjoy working out more having a coach. It keeps me motivated to keep going and stay committed to it.”

Matt D, 35, Watertown MA

“During the initial evaluation visit, Greg listened to what I was telling him about my priorities for training and also took note of areas of weakness and injury on my body.  He designed an intial 4 week program that allowed me to work on becoming “re-aquainted” with the gym, specifically weights.  Now I meet with Greg every 4-6 weeks and he modifies my workouts.  I don’t feel they get stale and I feel like I’m getting a lot out of my training.I’ve noticed that my back is more defined, and that my legs are visibly bigger.  My flexibility is better as well.  I feel stronger and look stronger. The increase in strength has been the greatest benefit thus far. However, I’m a runner and I’ve found that the foam rolling and active stretching I’ve been doing, as well as the strength work on my core and legs have made my runs better and less painful.  I no longer feel like I’m “wasting” my time when I’m working out.  I’m not wondering if I’m doing the right exercises anymore because Greg has organized them and grouped them in a way I trust.”

Sarkis, 37, Watertown MA

“Greg Robins proved to me that even when you think you’ll be incapable of getting over a fitness hurdle, you can blow through it without a second thought. His knowledge of fitness is far and beyond some of the most extensive I’ve encountered, and he had an answer for every “Why?” I threw at him. I was doing things I never thought possible – heck, I thought a squat was far out of my realm of possibility, but his concentration on form and perfect technique helped me realize that fitness is always an uphill battle, not one that you are born winning. His workouts were intense but efficient, smart but understanding. I would recommend him to a fitness newbie and professional lifter alike. This dude knows his stuff.”

– Kyle D, 27, Brighton MA

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