Do More Pull Ups and More Push Ups Every Week!

22 Nov

Are you having trouble improving pull up and push up strength?

Here is an easy concept you can apply right away to boost those numbers.

The military is often a bit backwards in their approach to fitness. Their standards, albeit they aren’t ideal measures, for each branch include some kind of testing in the following categories: timed run, push ups, pull ups and sit ups. While it is not the best test of strength, you should be able to do a respectable amount of push ups and pull ups – soldier or civilian alike (that includes ladies)!


The military has adopted a plan quite specific to their testing and with good reason.  Frequency is a main ingredient in improving relative strength quickly. In order to improve your score in their respective branch’s physical tests you will find yourself doing a lot of running, pushing, and pulling. In a training environment these fun filled activities will take place throughout the day, not just during a scheduled block of physical preparation.

Here is the take away:

To improve push up and pull up numbers do sets of each throughout the day.

It’s that easy, and adopting this approach will sky rocket your numbers in these exercises.

Take the total number number you can do now for one set and multiply that number by Four. For example if you can do 25 consecutive push ups and 3 Pull Ups then before the day is done you need to complete 100 push ups and 12 pull ups. This can happen in any number of sets at any given time, but you must hit those numbers 6 of every 7 days during a given week (one day will be given for rest). Any push ups or pull ups performed as part of a routine you execute in the gym should be counted towards your total.

Every week add 4 pull ups to your daily total, and 8 push – ups.

Test your single set numbers every 60 days.




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